Book Title: Stones
Author: Polly Johnson
Read: 4th February 2014


Stones is a story of a girl whose brother died through alcohol, and how she deals with her depression.

At first I was a bit wary of this book, as it’s only available as an ebook (reason unknown), and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a quick, predictable book. It was the complete opposite! Stones is a charming book, the characters constantly keeping you on edge and the storyline was very clever. At the beginning it felt a bit like it took a while for the author to get going, but eventually the story flowed beautifully and I fell in love with it. The characters are fantastic and very different. The only slight let down for myself is the ending, not because it’s weak but because it didn’t turn out the way I’d been hoping for, but props to the author for coming up with a great ending.

Overall, I give this book 3/5. I feel as this is Polly’s first novel, it was good but if I had not been determined, I wouldn’t have finished it. Looking forward to a second novel. 



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